Spanning across 3 tracks, the challenge here is to integrate stablecoins with different aspects of the Web3 space.

Stablecoins +
dApps Solution

  • Expand cUSD to inflated countries
  • Integrate payment, API tools and middleware
  • Other strategic goals of stablecoin from Celo

Stablecoins +

  • Credit-based finance: credit lending, collateral lending for financially-undeserved groups
  • Crowdsource platform/venture DAO: democratic funding to meaningful causes such as climate change, education, etc
  • Decentralised charity

Stablecoins + DeFi mobile solutions

  • DeFi + Earn: Inclusive income growth for Celo users in emerging markets, including micro income stream aggregator asset management and reinvestment tool
  • Mobile DeFi + SocialFi: create identity and social network mapping tools, information push channel
  • DeFi + Interoperability: migration of infrastructure, users, assets and devs from other chains

    *To include NFTs in part of DAOs/DeFi component (eg. allow access to join DAO/DeFi)


DeFi is where the crypto hype started, and it will continue to be. And for the last year, we’ve seen the rapid rise of Web3 and DAO tide and the creator economy in the space. We wanted to see what could be built, beyond the horizons of the current reality.


Enter stablecoins, a digital currency that is pegged to a reserve asset and designed to be volatility-free. The adoption of stable coins was the turning point we saw that DeFi is not a financial silo and potentially anchors the real world.


The interactive and interoperable landscape has formed. Stablecoins and DeFi need to pace up with ever-needed demand in many realms. At the crossroads of climate and crypto, it begs the question — How can we revitalize stablecoin system and catalyze inclusive, interactive, user-owned solutions?


At the Celo x Huobi hackathon, we aim to bring together incredible people working on innovative solutions to not only sustain our planet, but define what the Web3.0 mobile DeFi landscape will look like. Sign up for the Celo x Huobi: Stablecoin in Web3 & Sustainability Hackathon, today.


The stakes are high — we’ve got a prize pool of USD $500,000.

Overall Winner

Grand Prize

USD $100,000

(50K cUSD, 50K cash)


• Listing opportunity
• Hackathon Premium Swag box

Per Challenge Statement

Track Winner

USD $50,000

(25K cUSD, 25K cash)


• Listing opportunity
• Hackathon Premium Swag box

Runner Ups x3

USD $15,000

(7.5K cUSD, 7.5K cash)

• Hackathon Premium Swag box

Most Innovative Project

USD $5,000

(2.5K cUSD, 2.5K cash)

• Hackathon Premium Swag box